Important Weather Message to Our Customers

To Our Loyal Customers,

We would like to begin by thanking all of you for your patience during these last few days. The effects of this week’s ice storm have at times significantly slowed down our ability to serve some of our customers. Downed trees and power lines have kept our drivers from being able to navigate our usual routes in a manner that allows us to see as many folks as possible in a given day of service. This inability to access any number of key roads in our serving area has delayed delivery in several cases over the last 48 hours. We ask that you continue to offer us your patience as PECO restores power and clears limbs from power lines and roadways. We are doing our best to get to everyone.

For those who have contacted our office or are looking to do so, please know that we ARE getting your voicemails as well as emails sent through the website. We regret any instances in which calls were not answered by a live Styer Propane representative. Our call volume is off the charts at present.

We would also ask that, for those of you concerned about your current propane level, please check your tank before contacting us for an order. Unless your tank shows a need, we would ask that you allow us to take the next several days to serve our folks who are in immediate need of propane.

Again, we greatly appreciate your patience and look forward to continue fulfilling your propane needs.


The Styer Propane Team