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Electronic Statements

To receive electronic statements, download and complete this authorization form.

Automatic Credit Card Payments

To pay via an automatic credit card payment, download and complete this authorization form.

Pre-Buy – Enrollment is OPEN for 2024-2025 season.

Budget Plan – Enrollment begins in May

Your delivery ticket is your invoice. Payments are due within 30 days of delivery. All accounts with an outstanding balance after 30 days will not receive a delivery until the account is paid in full. Past due accounts are subject to finance charges and a monthly statement fee. Please keep your account current to ensure there are no interruptions with your deliveries.

A $ .05 per gallon discount is offered on a minimum delivery of 200 gallons, when payment by cash or check is received in our office (Mon.-Fri.) within 10 days of delivery. (Credit card payments are not eligible for the $ .05 per gallon discount.)

When mailing your payment at the end of the month, please keep in mind anything received after the last day of the month will be reflected on the next month’s statement. Your monthly statement only reflects activity on your account for that particular month.

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