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Dear Styer Propane Customer:

Styer Propane, LLC has a limited amount of propane this year for our Pre-buy program on a first come, first served basis. The propane that you purchase (200 gallon minimum) is for deliveries made after November 1, 2023. All deliveries prior to November 1st will be billed the day of delivery price per gallon. All outstanding balances must be paid, in full, before the pre-buy can be applied to your account. (The 5 cent per gallon discount has already been factored into your pre-buy price.)

***Please note: A drop box is located in our vestibule and will be available during normal business hours. If you need assistance, you can call the office at 610-458-8389 to make an appointment to discuss your account in person. ***




Please complete and sign the pre buy agreement and return it with your check for the total amount due. The signed form must be enclosed with your payment in order to process your pre-buy purchase. Please write your account number on the form and also on the memo line of your check.  (Your account number can be found on your last statement or delivery ticket and starts with 01….)

If you choose to pay by credit card, (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), there will be an additionacharge of 5 cents per gallon for pre-buy credit card processing.  Call us with your card information; then you have the option of mailing, faxing or E-mailing your completed form. Your pre-buy will not be credited to your account until we receive your signed pre-buy form.

Your cancelled check or credit card statement will be your receipt.

*Pre Buy accounts are put on Automatic Delivery for the entire contract period of November 1st
through May 31st.*

***On June 1, 2024 the total dollar amount of your undelivered contract gallons will be credited back to your account***

***You cannot carry undelivered pre-buy gallons over to the next season***

See Important Notices Below:


It is YOUR responsibility to monitor your tank level if your generator begins to run OR if you use a pool heater. Call the office to schedule a delivery when your tank is approximately at 30%.


Please notify Styer Propane, LLC of any modifications to your propane appliances or systems, at which time a leak-check will be scheduled.  Also, if there is a change in your usage, for instance an addition of a gas appliance, (ie:  pool heater, gas water heater, etc.) or an increase in family members living at home; please notify the office so we can make the changes necessary to track your usage.

We highly recommend the use of smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, and combustible gas leak detectors.

We offer payment by E-CHECK!!   Go to our web site and save time and postage!!  Payments made within 10 days of delivery qualify for the $ .05/gallon discount.

Electronic Statements are available.  To choose to receive your monthly statement via email instead of the regular postal mail, go to and click on “Payment Options”.   Download  the form and return to Styer Propane via mail, fax: 610-458-0689, or email to  Please keep us updated on any change to your email address.

All accounts with an outstanding balance after 30 days will not receive a delivery until paid in full.  Please keep your account current to ensure there are no interruptions with your deliveries. Your delivery ticket is your invoice.

All “will call” customers; please call us when your gauge reads 30% to schedule a delivery.

Failure to call in a timely way for generator usage, pool/spa heaters, “will call” customers, or customers with unpaid past balances, may result in additional delivery charges.

Emergency deliveries, (same day, during regular delivery hours – Monday thru Friday – 7 a. m. thru 4 p.m.) will be charged a minimum of $75.00 plus the delivered propane.  Emergency deliveries during evenings, weekends and holidays will be charged an additional premium, subject to the dispatcher’s discretion, plus the delivered propane.

The monthly budget program is open for enrollment in May of each year.  If you are considering going on the budget plan, please call the office as soon as possible since it still may be possible to enroll.

When mailing your payment at the end of the month, please keep in mind anything received on the last business day of the month may not be reflected on your next statement.  All accounts are due in thirty (30) days from the delivery date.  All accounts over thirty (30) days are subject to a monthly statement fee and finance charge.

Our minimum delivery requirements are as follows:  Customers with a 500 gallon or larger tank must have a minimum delivery of 200 gallons.  Smaller tanks must be filled at time of delivery.

This winter, we again ask that everyone please shovel the snow away from your tank and put a stake to mark the tank location.  We thank you in advance for your help.  Deliveries will not be made if your driveway is unsafe for our drivers and equipment. (This will be at the driver’s discretion).

Be sure to check our web site periodically for future updates.  We at Styer Propane, LLC hope that our propane service exceeds your expectations and that our business relationship is a pleasant one.  We are devoted to customer satisfaction and quality service.   If you have any questions, please call us at 610- 458-8389.  We appreciate your business!!

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