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A Reminder Regarding Snow

This past weekend’s blizzard was certainly one for the record books in and around Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Berks Counties. So far this week, we have had the pleasure of serving a number of folks who were able to get their driveways shoveled and plowed out. Many of these customers even cleared off the top of their propane tanks and shoveled a pathway for our drivers to walk easily from our trucks. A big thanks to all. We have also had a small number of instances where driveways had yet to be cleared and access to the tank was limited at best. We would like to remind folks as long as there is still snow on the ground (and a few months remaining in winter) that our drivers need a clear driveway so that we can deliver propane. Also it is greatly appreciated if you can clear the tops of tanks and shovel a pathway so that our delivery staff can make it safely from the truck to your tank and back.

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