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Maintenance of Your Heating System is a Must

As we move into November, most of our friends in Chester County, Berks County, Montgomery County and beyond have already had to turn on the heat a few times so far this fall. Several nights these past few weeks in October have been downright chilly! At Styer Propane, we promise to do our best to serve your propane needs all winter long, but we also recommend that you have a qualified heating and cooling technician who maintains your heating system prior to the start of Fall and Winter. Many HVAC companies have maintenance programs which offer customers a savings but you can choose a path that is best for your home and your family’s budget. The most important piece is that you are operating your system in a safe and effective manner. A trained heating and cooling specialist will check your furnace, boiler and other equipment to make sure it is operating in a safe and effective manner and may make recommendations based on equipment age and performance. Not every winter is a bear, but it will get cold enough for you to make sure that your system is running safely. If you have any questions about the safety of your system, call a qualified heating company today.

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