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Safety is Key When Operating Outdoor Kitchens and Pool Heaters

There are literally millions of homes nationwide that run propane or natural gas lines to outdoor equipment used for recreation and cooking such as pool heaters, outdoor stoves, kitchens and even fireplaces. Having these features in our backyards is wonderful for spending time with family and friends. They also add tremendous value to a property when it comes time to sell.

This time of the year, we recommend that homeowners have their lines and systems checked by  a professional prior to seasonal use. The lines that run from tanks to equipment can get compromised over the winter months, so it is important that a qualified trained technician check these lines for leaks and blockages so that homeowners can operate pools, grills and fireplaces in a safe manner all spring and summer long. Propane is a wonderful energy source for any home. As with all forms of energy, there are risks if safety guidelines are not followed properly. We wish everyone a happy and safe spring and summer season and invite you to call our offices if you have any questions about using propane properly throughout the year.

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