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Annual Maintenance is a Must for HVAC Systems

Here at Styer Propane, we focus on providing our customers with the highest quality service experience as it relates to purchasing their propane, renting tanks and even installing the gas lines that run into their homes and buildings. We are not,, however, a heating and cooling contractor. In fact very few propane retailers are also in the field of HVAC (and vice versa). We made the decision long ago to specialize on fuel delivery and fuel delivery only so that we could provide ourselves the best opportunity to serve you, our customer.

With that spirit in mind, we want to make sure that we recommend to all of our customers how important it is to have your heating systems serviced and maintained regularly. For the same reason that you would take your vehicle in a couple times a year for an oil change or inspection, so should you do so as it pertains to your comfort system in your home. There are a ton of moving parts on your furnace, boiler and/or heat exchanger that all need to be in tip top shape in order for the entire system to run at peak performance levels. This give your system the best shot at helping yous save money on operating costs. Furthermore, like all things mechanical, it always costs less to maintain a system than to repair one.

So, as we move from summer into fall, be sure to call a trusted local HVAC contractor to maintain your heating system before the cold weather arrives. It will only be a few weeks before the first cool nights will be upon us. And, no one wants any surprises when they turn the thermostat to heat for the first time in six months.

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