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Take Advantage of Pre-Buy Pricing with Styer Propane

Attention Styer Propane Customers

Pre-Buy is back for the 2019-2020 Season. Please review the information and form below to learn more. Pre-Buy is a great opportunity

Styer Propane, LLC has a limited amount of propane this year for our Pre-buy program on a first come, first served basis. The propane that you purchase (200 gallon minimum) is for deliveries made after November 1, 2019. All deliveries prior to November 1st will be billed the day of delivery price per gallon. All outstanding balances must be paid, in full, before the pre-buy can be applied to your account. (The 5 cent per gallon discount has already been factored into your pre-buy price.)

Click Here for Pre Buy Information

Click Here for your Pre Buy Form

Call today to learn more about Pre-Buy Pricing from Styer Propane!

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