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Is a Budget Plan Right for You? Now is the Time to Enroll.

Our Budget plan runs for 12 months and starts in May each year. The intent of the plan is to enable customers to make regular payments to their account so that deliveries are more affordable during the high-usage months of the year.

The pandemic has had a different effect on household budgets for a lot of the customers we serve. At Styer Propane, we try to do everything we can to work with customers so that they can best understand and manage their energy costs throughout the year. To learn more about the Styer Propane Budget Plan, visit the Budget Plan page of this site and reach out to our office weekdays during regular business hours so we can best determine a budget strategy for your household.

Styer Propane is dedicated to the highest standard of customer satisfaction. We look forward to working together to finding a solution that works best for you.

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