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Starting Summer at Styer

Here at Styer Propane, we could not be happier that summer is upon us and we are ecstatic that things are starting to get back to normal throughout the communities that we serve. This summer promises to be extra special given that we are well on our way to seeing one another again. It will be a thrill to enjoy picnics, sporting events and vacations without restriction or concern over the health of friends and family.

Right now, we are wrapping up our Budget offer for the season. May is the time to call regarding budget pricing. If you have yet to do so, we recommend calling us this week to determine if Budget is right for your home (and budget).

We know that a lot of folks are going to use the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend as an opportunity to get to the beach, the lake or, at the very least, the backyard. As we mentioned previously, we are all so long overdue in being able to do this without worry. As you gather and recreate this weekend, please also remember those who gave their lives in service to this great nation. The freedoms we enjoy continue to be the foundation of what makes this country great and they only are available to us due the sacrifices of so many brave young men and women who gave their lives so that we could be free.

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