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PreBuy Available Until Oct. 15 or While Supplies Last

UPDATE – PreBuy is now CLOSED for the 2021-2022 Season.

PreBuy Season may have come a little late this year, but PreBuy is now available and the response has been through the roof with Styer customers eager to save money on their propane usage this Winter Season. As many of you know, the energy market has been up, down and up again since COVID came to our shores last year. As we always say, no one has a crystal ball on where things go next. For one, lockdowns and more people working from home lowered demand and therefore lowered prices in many segments of the energy market. However, a cold winter trumps everything. Combine that with a lot of warehouses and other logistics industry businesses adopting propane for everything from traditional heating to powering forklifts and vans, and we could certainly see prices remain high through winter.

Taking advantage of PreBuy is your choice. As always, we will continue to make every effort to pass along the best pricing (and unmatched service) to all of our customers.

Wishing you the best,

All of us at Styer Propane

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