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Ways to Save on Propane

This winter is turning out to be another expensive energy season, but at Styer we are committed to bringing you honest, competitive pricing like always. With prices soaring across the energy industry, it is important now more than ever to make sure your home is using propane efficiently so price fluctuations affect you as little as possible.

Plan ahead for the winter season

Each year we offer our Pre-Buy Program which guarantees a price for a certain amount of propane. When our customers sign up for the Pre-Buy Program they commit to purchasing a certain amount of propane and we commit to charging no more than the price per gallon you agreed to. So, this means that if the prices go up during the season you will still pay the same amount per gallon! This is a great way to make your energy bills more manageable throughout the season. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for announcements.

We also offer a 12 month budget plan that start in May of the current year. This plan allows customers to make monthly payments on their account, which should be more affordable than a full delivered amount. If you want to learn more about our budget plan option, click the button below or call our offices to discuss.

Keeping the Heat

Most houses are full of small holes and gaps, that could be the culprit of your rising energy bill. These gaps could be in the foundation, around the doors and windows, and in the attic. Finding those air leaks in your house could help keep the heat inside your home. Another way to make sure you are efficiently heating your space is to make sure your house has proper insulation. With insufficient or aging insulation, it is going to be very difficult to keep the heat inside you home.

Get Smart!

Many homeowners are opting out of the traditional programmable thermostats and getting a smart thermostat. Why? The main reason being, it can cut your energy use by 10 to 12 percent! These smart thermostats track your temperature preferences and patterns so that it can lower and raise your home’s temperature. It even knows when to use less heating and cooling when the house is empty and more when you’re home. And the best feature is that it’s done automatically, so there is no effort needed by you.

Choosing Styer Propane for all your propane needs

We are a local family owned business, so we understand how important it is to save money. For years we have been serving Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Berks County, and the entire Philadelphia area. We pride ourselves on honest, hard work that has made our family proud for decades. Our goal is to deliver high quality customer service and to bring you competitive prices. If want to learn more about our propane service and budget options, call us today at (610) 458-8389.

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