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Winter is Coming!

It may not feel like it outside, but winter is right around the corner. Just like bears preparing for hibernation, we must make sure that our homes are ready for the cold. Getting your heating system regularly maintained will save you money on fuel costs and save you the headache of broken-down heating system mid-winter. Here in the Delaware Valley the first frost typically comes in early October and that will be here before you know it. We always recommend that homeowners have their heating system maintained annually by a trained HVAC specialist. Your propane furnace depends on it!

In preparation for the cold months, it is essential that you have a dependable propane service. With our Pre-Buy program our customers not only save money, but also receive personalized quality service. We would like to remind all our ‘will call’ customers to call us when your gauge reads 30% to schedule a delivery. The deadline to sign up for our Pre-Buy Program is September 30th or while supplies lasts. Learn more about our Pre-Buy Program and sign up today before it’s too late!

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